Champion Chat: Danny Eslick (Part 2)

Champion Chat: Danny Eslick (Part 2) is continued from AMA Pro Racing’s website. Click here to read Part 1.

M1: You’re one of the few people that have been to NOLA. Tell us about the track.
DE: It’s awesome. My first impression when I pulled up was wow, a brand new facility, it’s still under construction, the track is all there and it’s top notch. When I did my three or four laps to ride around, it was spectacular. There are a few little issues that are nothing to be concerned about. They will be handled by the time we get back for our team test this summer. It will probably be one of the coolest events of the year, and the coolest season finale that we’ve had.

M1: Did you get to go into downtown New Orleans and run around?
DE: I stayed at the Hilton in the city. I had been there once before to visit friends. I couldn’t think of a better place to finish up the season and let all the teams and everyone cut loose and hangout.

M1: You blew our interview off earlier because you were playing golf. You think we might have to set up a golf tournament when we visit some of these tracks?
DE: Let’s do it! That was one of the other coolest trophies I got. Two of the coolest trophies besides M1’s were from golf tournaments.

Catch up with Danny Eslick and the rest of the AMA Pro Road Racing riders when the Big Kahuna lands at a racetrack near you!

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