Champion Chat: Jason Britton (Part 2)

Champion Chat: Jason Britton (Part 2) is continued from AMA Pro Racing’s website. Click here to read Part 1.

M1: What’s your favorite part about the Big Kahuna weekend?
JB: I’d have to say being a spectator. I love road racing, and I love how they put on the event and entertain the crowd. Besides riding, it’s going to be spectating and catching up with my friends.

M1: Can you tell us who you will be stunting with?
JB: It will be myself and Eric Hoenshell. Eric and I have been riding together since 2001. It’s not so much a job because we get to put on a great show and entertain the people that M1 is able to bring out to our event.

M1: Who are some of your heroes?
JB: My real heroes are Evel Knievel and Doug Domokos. Through the years to the more street and recent side of things, guys like Gary Rockwell and so many up and coming guys out there. They’re young, hungry and trying some crazy things that are improving the sport.

M1: When you came on the stunting scene, you really brought a level of comfort and professionalism to the industry and manufacturers. Can you elaborate on that?
JB: For sure, the most important person that I represent is myself. If I don’t represent myself correctly, it reflects on my children. That’s how I approach things. When my kids first started climbing on my motorcycle and emulate me, I knew right then that I had to be an advocate for safety. I had to get the younger generation to ride motorcycles in a safe environment, and not do wheelies on the street or highway. Almost immediately, the protective apparel manufacturers and OEMs started to open their eyes. They saw that I was serious about it, and tried to create a legitimate sport that appealed to people from 6 – 60 years old. We’re the real deal, and we’re here to stay. We strive to be professional, maintain our equipment, represent everyone in the best possible light and get sponsors that see that. It’s a great part of the industry and I want to be involved in it.

M1: Didn’t you race in AMA Pro for a little bit?
JB: I did some racing as an expert in club racing and finished really well. I got my AMA Pro license, and was very passionate about road racing, but I didn’t have the funds to race and stunt ride. I got to a crossroad where I had to make a decision. Racing was costing me a lot of money, and stunt riding was paying for it. I decided to pursue stunt riding and here I am today.

M1: We know you’ve done some stunt riding for movies. Tell us about that, and if people realize that you’re the guy behind the visor in a lot of these Hollywood productions.
JB: I don’t know if people really know it, but if they’ve asked the question or watched the credits at the end of a movie, they’ve kind of figured it out. If they have seen movies like Biker Boyz, Torque, Cradle to the Grave, Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 or commercials with Pepsi, Beyonce and Nike, I’ve doubled as the people in them. It’s almost better just seeing the lives of the movie stars, as they get into cars with black tinted windows, can’t go to the supermarket and get barraged by the paparazzi. It’s a good fit for me to do stunt double work, and not be directly in front of the camera, as the direct talent. 

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  1. Willie says:

    I have been watching Jason for it seems like forever and I must say that his dignity is the only thing that surpasses his skill as a stunter. That's a big plus for stunting, motorcycling in general, sportbikers (it's fun watching Jason work the crusier crowd ) and of course brothers too.

    Thanks so much for carrying that weight on your shoulders Jason!

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