Champion Chat: Roland Sands (Part 2)

Champion Chat: Roland Sands (Part 2) is continued from AMA Pro Racing’s website. Click here to read Part 1.

M1: On to the Big Kahuna Atlanta, the second round of the 2012 AMA Pro Road Racing and the return of M1 PowerSports to full-time promotion. As part of that weekend, we’re going to have the Historic Moto Grand Prix and rumor has it that your race bike will be fully restored and a part of that paddock. Are you planning on riding?  
Man, if I can get that thing out there to go ride it, I will. The Historic Moto Grand Prix just sounds like so much fun, so much fun. I won one of my favorite races there of all time, so it would be a great deal to get back out there. Plus riding with everybody, with all of the champions, would be insane.

M1: Tell us about your favorite race there.
That was 1998. I was coming off of two race wins, Laguna Seca and Willow Springs, and that was the next race. My bike was cutting out on me and doing some weird stuff, and we ended up just battling the whole entire race. There were eight or nine of us, Takahito Mori, Geep Terranova, Al Salaverria, Chuck Sorensen, Kurtis Roberts, man it was gnarly, one of the gnarliest races I’ve ever been in. I went from first to eighth to third to eighth to the win, on the last lap literally, led the last lap of the race. We were just changing positions every corner, it was just radical.

M1: And that was a Big Kahuna event at that time, right?
RS: Yeah, that was a Big Kahuna event.

M1: You ever have any parties after the Big Kahuna events? Anything crazy ever happen?
RS: There were some good parties after the races. We had some good times. You know, sometimes people drank some beer and sometimes some people got their nails painted.

M1: What’s your favorite part of the M1 PowerSports events?
RS: I think they’re really well promoted, always get a good crowd and there’s a great level of excitement. Any rider that gets to go out there and win an M1 event, it feels like you’re doing something special. Add to that the fact that they’re going to get an awesome surfboard from and it’s just a good deal man.

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  2. Patrick rivera says:

    does anyone know the 5 places that roland won the 5 winning races that he got 1stplace in his championship winning season? i need a list of the 5 tracks he won at in 98