Champion Chat: Scott Russell (Part 2)

Champion Chat: Scott Russell (Part 2) is continued from AMA Pro Racing’s website. Click here to read Part 1.

M1: With the Big Kahuna at Road Atlanta coming up and the Historic Moto Grand Prix run by former AMA Pro Road Racer Bill Brown included as part of the weekend, are you going to hop back on a motorcycle and ride around Road Atlanta again?
SR: I’m trying to iron that deal out. I really want to get out there and play with those guys, as long as my scheduling works out. I talked about it, but this will be a good event with a bunch of cool machines, and I’d like to be a part of it. Bill’s put a lot of work into this and I know it’s important to him. Being matched up with the Big Kahuna at Road Atlanta is a big deal to me, as well as the fans. I’d like to be out on the track and doing my thing.

M1: There’s a rumor that you have the #1 World Championship winning Muzzy Kawasaki ZX-7 racebike in your garage. Any truth to that?
SR: Yeah, I have it here. Cameron [Gray] keeps telling to break the glass on it’s case so we can get it out and ride it at Atlanta. I don’t know if I’ll end up riding it or the Yamaha I have, but it would be cool to see it out there at Road Atlanta. That was actually the last place I won on it back in 1994. I won on it, put it in the trailer, and it’s never been ridden again. So, it’d be cool to get it out to Road Atlanta a couple more times. I’ve just got to make it happen.

M1: Speaking of 1994, tell us about the gravity cavity when Road Atlanta still had it.
SR: God, it was in the top five tracks in the world that I’ve raced at, and we’re talking Suzuka, Mugello and places like that. That’s how special it used to be. Now, they’ve changed it quite a bit. It’s definitely changed the whole flow of the track. Back then, we would have super fast average speeds, and it really separated the men from the boys when you would go through there at 180+ mph with the front wheel off the ground. It was intense… but that was the kind of racing we did back then. Now, you’re on the brakes at the bottom, and it makes going to the bridge much different. I definitely like the old track more.

M1: Can you give us your thoughts on the Big Kahuna Triple Crown and what it means for our sport having three Big Kahuna events next year?
SR: It’s huge for our sport. It’s what we’ve been missing for the last few years. There’s no question Cameron Gray does the best job promoting these events. M1 is on it, and it will be great to have them back on board. No question that those will be the best three events on the schedule. I’m happy to help him and have more fans come out to our races!

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